In a devastated America, mysterious assailants are kidnapping children, and a team of scientists has vanished. Return to the acclaimed Half-Life universe in this fan-made comic, and follow three survivors into the strange and dangerous city of New Franklin.


“Issue #1 of A Place in the West [...] nails the universe it’s sourced from without being overzealous, and could easily be a licensed comic book from a big name publisher doing a Half-Life comic that I would actually buy off the shelf.” - 4/5
“The overall production value is easily on par with any officially-sanctioned Valve product. It’s easy to imagine Half-Life: A Place In The West being sold in physical format in various comic book stores.” - 4.5/5
"[In mood and drawing, A Place in the West is somewhat reminiscent of the comic The Walking Dead, especially in its latest release: Alien creatures instead of zombies, a survivor community, conspiracy and betrayal. It is interesting, featuring characters that are not two-dimensional, good conversations, and lots of flashbacks.]" - 4.5/5

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