In a devastated America, mysterious assailants are kidnapping children, and a team of scientists has vanished. Return to the acclaimed Half-Life universe in this fan-made comic, and follow three survivors into the strange and dangerous city of New Franklin.


“Issue #1 of A Place in the West [...] nails the universe it’s sourced from without being overzealous, and could easily be a licensed comic book from a big name publisher doing a Half-Life comic that I would actually buy off the shelf.” - 4/5
“The overall production value is easily on par with any officially-sanctioned Valve product. It’s easy to imagine Half-Life: A Place In The West being sold in physical format in various comic book stores.” - 4.5/5
"[In mood and drawing, A Place in the West is somewhat reminiscent of the comic The Walking Dead, especially in its latest release: Alien creatures instead of zombies, a survivor community, conspiracy and betrayal. It is interesting, featuring characters that are not two-dimensional, good conversations, and lots of flashbacks.]" - 4.5/5

Latest Blog Post: Steam and Digital Comics

DISCLAIMER: parts of this post were originally written in the summer of 2016 for Pipedream Comics, but they didn’t end up running with the finished piece. At the time, Steam Greenlight still existed, and I talked more extensively about the pros and cons of that now defunct service. In Read more »


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